Put Some Butta On It

Life Butta

I am often asked how I got the idea for Life Butta or why did I start making it?

Well, it’s kinda simple yet complicated. I developed a very ugly case of Candida Albicans! Which, is an overgrowth of the bad bacteria in the gut. The overgrowth of the bacteria turns into a fungus that is very hard to eliminate. I had to self diagnose, based on my symptoms. By the time I got in to see my doctor, I had changed my eating habits. Never mind, when I finally did see the doctor. I was told I didn’t have candida. I was confused, all the symptoms said candida. Well, the doctor was wrong. My diet consisted of protein, vegetables and nuts. I dropped 13 lbs. in 5 weeks, mostly muscle. I had the chills often. 

I said to myself I need to gain some weight and get some good fats and nutrition at the same time. So, I started experimenting with almond butter and various other ingredients. Life Butta is the best and most delicious of all the combinations I came up with, during those trying days.


Golden Milk Life Butta Cups

Recipe courtesy of Jacquie Mirchel

Makes about 12-15 Mini Cups


                For the chocolate:

       *     10oz bag dairy-free dark chocolate chips

              ( I used Enjoy Life)...I would not go darker than 70% it can get bitter.

       *     2 tsp extra virgin coconut oil

              For the filling:

       *     Life Butta Turmeric

       *     1/2 tsp vanilla extract

       *     Sea salt flakes, cinnamon and turmeric for topping if you wish!


       *     Get out your chocolate molds, silicone mats (I use these) or a mini muffin pan w/12-15 paper liners, set aside. Depending on the size you want...be creative!

       *     Break up the chocolate & melt in a double boiler (a pot of simmering water w/a bowl resting on top). Stir to make sure it is perfectly smooth. You also can use a microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate chips & coconut oil in about 20 second increments, stirring in between, until chips have completely melted.

       *     Scoop about 1 tsp of melted chocolate into 12 muffin liners. Transfer pan to freezer & allow chocolate to set for 5 minutes.

       *     While bottom chocolate layer sets, make your filling:  In a small bowl, mix together Life Butta & vanilla extract. Set aside.

       *     Take muffin pan out of freezer. Using 1/2 teaspoon, scoop a rounded ball of the golden milk Life Butta (equal to about 1 tsp) & place on solid chocolate. Gently press butta down a little bit w/back of teaspoon to flatten. Cover in more melted chocolate, about another teaspoon. Add toppings if you wish & transfer pan back to freezer for another 5 minutes until set.

       *     I like to store my Life Butta cups in the fridge, then allow to come to room temperature before eating. Enjoy!                                




Pea-Not Sauce

Recipe courtesy of Jacquie Mirchel


*     1/3 cup coconut aminos
*     1/3 cup lime juice * 1 tsp ginger and garlic... I'm lazy and use store bought paste
*      2 tbsp Hot sauce of choice
*      1/4 cup Life Butta Almond Butter
*      1/4 cup Kitehill plain Almond yogurt * Salt and pepper to taste


Put all ingredients in a cup or bowl and use stick blender to combine...you can also use a food processor or blender. Adjust any of he ingredients to your own taste! Add some coconut vinegar to thin out to make more of a dressing! Enjoy.